Patience Company Ltd is a medical staffing agency that provides medical and healthcare professionals, to established health & social care facilities. Our expertise is in providing professionally qualified medical personnel, on an as required basis at short notice, or for long term contracts.


Patience Company Ltd is a healthcare and medical staffing agency & recruiter. We have an online presence that attracts qualified staff to enrol with our agency. We use the internet, medical journals and various other forms of media, to advertise our appointments available.


Our dedicated compliance team ensure that our staff are well trained and up-to date with their training. The compliance department ensure that all our staff meet the statutory requirements during the selection process.


Placing and managing our staff according to their speciality is a key of what our consultants do. We have an excellent software system that identifies who’s the right candidate in meeting the need of our clients. Staff support and management is always available. Our clients provide feedback of how our agency’s staff conduct their work, this way we are able to constantly monitor our support and improve our services.


Our payroll invoicing system is safe and secure. We use a time sheet validation system to account for assignments that have been completed by our staff. We process our payment transaction using a safe and secure online technology.